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Tatiana Mendez, Esq.

What Is Your Experience Representing Clients in Custody Matters in Virginia?

I have been a family law attorney for about seven years now, and in that time, I’ve successfully represented fathers, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins in all types of child custody and visitation matters. No two cases are ever the same, which makes this job extremely challenging but also very interesting. Often, my clients become like extended family members, especially in very emotional or difficult cases or in cases that go on for several months to several years.

For the parties involved, custody cases can be very overwhelming, so I try to give my clients a realistic analysis of their case and work with them to reach a sustainable outcome that’s best for their children. These sorts of cases are important because they involve more than just knowledge of the law: a family law attorney needs to understand human nature, psychology, and negotiation. I’ve gotten into the habit of reading books on all three topics in my spare time. My undergrad focus was in psychology with a particular interest in social psychology and abnormal psychology; thanks to my career as a family law attorney, I get to use my undergraduate education in a way that I never would have anticipated.

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 Tatiana Mendez, Esq.

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