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DivorceIf you are looking for the Best Divorce Lawyer in the Virginia Beach area, Tatiana Mendez, Esq., will be the best choice under a wide range of circumstances. With a career of success stories behind the team, you will find structured, refined, and accessible strategies to be used in your situation.

Though every divorce is different, and each client who comes through our doors has a unique set of circumstances, Attorney Tatiana Mendez will lend a compassionate and diligent touch to your case. Especially if children will be a part of your divorce, finding the right attorney for your family is a critical piece of the puzzle. To minimize the impact of the ordeal on the child and preserve as well as possible their mental health, a Divorce Attorney’s services will be critical.

Since you will also find specialized legal services when determining child custody and support at Tatiana Mendez, Esq., the experience gained from handling your divorce will seamlessly carry over to the decisions which must subsequently be made. The earlier you can involve an attorney in your divorce, the better familiarized they will be with your situation and will have the most available time to formulate a strategy.

At Tatiana Mendez, Esq., you will find a level of diligence and attention to detail unrivaled in the Virginia Beach area. This commitment to our clients allows for in-depth and intimate knowledge of each client and how best to serve them. If you suspect you will soon be involved in a divorce or seek to plan out your procedure before filing your own, contact our offices as quickly as possible.

Since many mistakes over the course of divorce proceedings can be so easily avoided and because even simple mistakes can be incredibly costly and detrimental to your case, enlist the help of an expert. Especially during times as emotionally trying and intensive as a divorce, enlisting one of the Best Divorce Lawyers in the area to share the burden can be incredibly impactful.

Divorce becomes a much less daunting concept with complete knowledge of your situation and a plan formulated specifically for you. As your legal counsel, Tatiana Mendez, Esq., will work diligently to bolster your side of the case, all while explaining about and educating you at every juncture. You will be included as a central component of your divorce, and complete control over the decisions made throughout the proceedings will remain yours.

Whether you are only beginning to contemplate divorce or are seeking new counsel in the midst of one already in progress, Tatiana Mendez, Esq., is ready and waiting to help. Don’t go into battle without the proper equipment or preparation. Our expert legal team will guide your every step of the way and turn what can be an immensely challenging and confusing process into the most straightforward version of itself possible. Schedule your initial consultation today to discuss your situation, goals for various stages in the process, and the options available to you that will lead you to them.

Tatiana Mendez — Your Champion in a Divorce

Family law is centered on some of the most stressful events that will ever occur in someone’s life. These are very emotional issues that can elicit less than mature behavior from otherwise measured adults. If you’re facing a divorce proceeding in Virginia Beach, VA, you need an experienced divorce attorney to handle your case professionally, effectively, and discreetly.

Divorce Law in Virginia

Virginia offers a no-fault divorce option only under specific circumstances. In a no-fault divorce, you do not have to prove that there was any fault on the part of the other spouse to be granted a divorce. If you are not able to meet the requirements, then there are fault-based grounds for divorce available. Virginia is one of only a small group of states that still offers a fault-based divorce. Fault-based grounds for divorce in Virginia Beach include:

  • Adultery
  • A felony criminal conviction resulting in confinement
  • Cruelty, including violence, fear of violence, willful desertion, or abandonment

A divorce attorney will be paramount to your case, if you are in the position of needing to prove fault-based grounds. Your attorney will know how to conduct an investigation, if necessary, to provide you with the evidence that will prove your case. Your spouse may raise a defense to your accusation of fault. For example, a defense to willful desertion is proving that your spouse told you get out or told you that the marriage was over. He or she may claim that you committed constructive desertion by remaining physically in the marriage while checking out mentally and behaving in a cruel, abusive, or neglectful manner. It is very important to be upfront and honest with your divorce attorney when the two of you are planning your strategy for the best possible outcome.

When it comes to divorce and the division of property, Virginia is not a community property state. It is an equitable distribution state, which looks different in every case. The family court will consider what each party has contributed to the marriage, as well as their incomes and their future earning potential. It is the judge’s responsibility to make the division as fair as possible, rather than making it equal.

After your assets and debts have been divided, the family law judge might order one party to pay temporary or long-term spousal support to the other spouse for a period of time. If one of the spouses makes more money, they may end up paying spousal support and more property may be given to the other spouse to make up the difference.

If you have children involved in your divorce, you need a lawyer who can continue supporting you in the capacity of a child custody attorney.

It’s critical to have a Divorce Attorney you can trust to guide you through the legal process of your divorce and answer any questions you have about the division of your property and potential spousal support.

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A divorce is often one of the hardest events a person will go through. When you are confronted with such intricate and personal issues as legal separation, spousal support, child support, and parenting time, it’s important to feel confident that you have an experienced divorce attorney you can trust.

At Tatiana Mendez, Esq, we attempt to alleviate the stress of the legal side by offering you experienced and competent counsel throughout the entire process. What separates us from other law firms is our effort to also alleviate the difficult emotional aspect of your divorce. For that reason, we’re committed to offering you compassionate and empathetic legal representation.

Consistently praised as the Best Divorce Lawyer in Virgina Beach, Attorney Tatiana Mendez offers an understanding, fact-based, nonjudgmental approach to divorce. She employs her negotiation skills to ensure your voice is heard in and out of the courtroom and to secure you the resources you’ll need to build a new life for yourself after your divorce.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled divorce attorney when you are facing all the uncertainties that a divorce can bring. Our legal team at Tatiana Mendez, Esq is here to answer any questions.

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Tatiana Mendez, Esq. offers an understanding, fact-based, nonjudgmental approach to divorce in Virginia Beach. Please do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled divorce attorney when you are facing all the uncertainties that a divorce can bring.

Family law is centered around some of the most stressful events that will ever occur in someone’s life. These are very emotional issues that can elicit less than mature behavior from otherwise measured adults. If you have children involved in your divorce, you need a child custody attorney.

 Tatiana Mendez, Esq.

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