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Tatiana Mendez, Esq.

Client Testimonials

“Superior Service & Professionalism – I am very glad I came across Ms Mendez ad for family attorney. She handled my case with the upmost care and professionalism. I couldn’t have hired anyone more thorough and who understood my complicated case so well. She kept me updated every step of the way. She even returned can email while she was on vacation in another country. Hands down 5-star service and knowledge on judicial matters. Definitely recommend her.”Richie

“Custody and Child Support Case ( Spanish & English) – Es una excelente abogada muy dedicada a cada uno de sus casos. La abogada Mendez habla y escribe español, lo cual fue muy importante en nuestros casos. En mi familia la abogada Mendez nos representò en 2 casos . Estamos muy complacidos con su labor. (English version)-She is an excellent lawyer very dedicated to each of their cases. She speaks and writes Spanish , which was very important for our cases. She represented us in 2 cases. We are very pleased with her work.”Díaz-R.

“Ms. Mendez is an amazing attorney she accepted my custody case with a truly open mind, given my nontraditional situation. She dedicated herself to my case giving me and my daughter great attention and care over a two- and half-year period. I’m a military member and was stationed over 2,000 miles from my daughter and a few times across the world. She worked hard to consult with me over a very difficult time and was able to attain for me a more than reasonable visitation schedule while on active duty and continued to work with me to gain a 50/50 order which my daughter and I are currently enjoying. Her knowledge and guidance of family law was invaluable to my family and myself. I am truly thankful for all she has done.”Matthew

“Tatiana is a very understanding and knowledgeable lawyer. I was in a car accident and overwhelmed. Not knowing what to do and where to start, Tatiana guided me through the process. She alleviated all my concerns and worries. If you are looking for a personable lawyer willing to go the extra mile, I encourage you to call Tatiana”Carlesha D.

“Exceptional!-Mrs. Mendez was excellent when I approached her for my custody agreement! Listened intently and gave educated advice , I trust her and would definitely recommend!! The turn around on the documents was fast as well!!”Amy

“She is OUTSTANDING!!!-Tatiana is a wonderful, caring, passionate lawyer! If you need help with custody or divorce – look no further. She is GREAT in court! Very happy with how my case was handled.”Anonymous

“Easy to work with and no nonsense-Tatiana was great through out the custody process and was easy to work with and her expertise of the law was fantastic. Hopefully there is no need for her services in the future, but if needed I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.”Sharona

“Amazing Lawyer-Mrs. Mendez is an amazing lawyer!! I highly recommend her and would hire her again in a heartbeat!! 🙂 Thank you for all you did for me:)”Sarah

“Smart, savvy, and empathetic-I had the misfortune of being pulled over for a week less driving charge, due to speed, while on a business trip in Newport News. Mrs. Mendez expertly handled all my fears and concerns, allowing me to continue with my business. In the end she was able to get the case dismissed entirely! I couldn’t be happier with her work and dedication. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”David

“Thank you!-Tatiana has an ability to see a situation without injecting bias or emotion into it and then can determine the best course of action. She is highly effective and an excellent advocate. Thank you!”Anonymous

“Quality Work-I recently retained Tatiana Mendez for my criminal expungement case. The overall process took about two months and was successful. She kept me well informed and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the service I received.”Gregory

“Well Done-Ms. Mendez got my son the most favorable outcome we could have asked for. He now has a chance to move on without a permanent blot on his record. Kudos.”J.T.

“Great lawyer-I had probably the easiest traffic case ever to represent someone for but she was professional and personable so I have no complaints. My ticket was dismissed so what more could I ask.”Colton

“Possession-I truly recommend miss Mendez as one of the if not the best in the area she got my possession charge dismissed I will always use her law firm and thanks again”Mario

“Motion to strike-Tatiana was excellent she ran that court room.i appreciate her professional demeanor and aggressive tactics to win the case.i didn’t have to say a word she took over and dominated.thank you Tatiana”Terry

“I Nominate Tatiana Best For ANY CASE!-Tatiana Mendez helped me win my reckless driving case and the case was completely dismissed! I was scared to death never being in that situation. She is very personable with her clients, even on the weekends or the holiday she was there for me. Very confident, knowledgable, Dependable and was there for me at the drop of a dime. Tatiana has a passion for defending her clients and helped me keep my head up with her positive demeanor and professional and personal attitude Not only did Tatiana defend me in my case she brought comfort and was there for me every day along with every silly question I might have had and made sure I understood and was comfortable with the entire process. From the day I hired Tatiana through today in the courtroom even walking out of the court house, I consider her not only the best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Virginia but also a friend. I can not express my gratitude to her and to Price Benowitz LLP. Thank you Tatiana for bringing a happy ending and peace of mind to myself and my 7 year old daughter. I will continue having Price Benowitz LLP for all of my Attourney needs because of Tatiana… Without a doubt if another situation were to rise (God Willing it won’t!) I will be hiring Tatiana to Defend and Represent me, I highly recommend anyone to hire Tatiana if they are in a bad situation whether it be DUI, Reckless driving etc. to defend and represent them in their case in need of an outstanding lawyer! “Megan

“Disorderly Conduct-I was charged with disorderly conduct. I had a clean record before so I did not want this charge ruining my future. Tatiana told me everything to do before my court date so I could make a good impression. She responded fast and was always available if I had any questions. She got my disorderly conduct charge dropped to a general continuance for 6months for dismissed! Thanks to her my record will remain clean! She’s great!”Kara

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