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Child Custody

Child CustodyDue to the highly complex nature of the child custody and support process, trying to navigate it with insufficient or no legal counsel is next to impossible. At Tatiana Mendez, Esq., a career built on successful cases and claims has laid a foundation of knowledge and expertise in all child custody matters.

Since she has worked as both an attorney and a Guardian ad item, the experience from both sides of the courtroom can coalesce into a tried-and-true formula for success. The team at Tatiana Mendez, Esq., understands that legal matters involving children can lead to emotional situations and difficult circumstances. Not only will you find top-notch legal counsel if you choose to work with Attorney Tatiana Mendez, but you will receive the emotional support and compassion that you deserve as well.

Preparing for child support hearings or evaluations can be tricky business, and without sufficient experience, it can be an arduous process. Luckily, at Tatiana Mendez, Esq., you will find a wealth of knowledge from previous experience and sound advice to help you along when you need it. Submitting the correct information within stringent deadlines is a crucial factor in determining support percentages. Our seasoned team will explain each step of the process to you and ensure that it runs smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

The main goal of all child custody and support cases is to preserve the child’s best interest. Whether that means the connection between the child and each parent, the area the child will be staying, how certain factors may impact the child’s mental health, there will be determinations made by the judge. Often, this means bringing a Guardian ad litem in to observe the child and note any observations that could be prevalent to the decision. They will observe how the child interacts with each parent in various settings and while the child is alone or at school. This process gives more insight into what will indeed be best for the child.

Since Attorney Tatiana Mendez has worked extensively as a Guardian ad Litem, specific instructions can be followed to increase your case’s chances of a favorable outcome drastically. While each case is entirely detail-dependent, this insider knowledge will allow for a more targeted approach when preparing your claim. By utilizing a more efficient and direct preparation method, you will save time and save money by avoiding costly mistakes or excessive time spent. An additional benefit is the peace of mind and confidence you will find since the strategies and information you receive are tested and effective.

When seeking the expert services of a Child Custody Attorney or a Child support lawyer, Tatiana Mendez, Esq., can offer the experience, insider knowledge, and diligence that you need to have the best chance to succeed as possible. Contact the team today to set up an initial consultation to discuss the details of your case. From there, we will explore your options, formulate a game plan, and decide on how to proceed moving forward.

Tatiana Mendez — Your Champion for Parental Rights

When it comes to determining what’s in the child’s best interests in child custody cases, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Unfortunately, the legal process to decide physical and legal custody can often be an emotionally and mentally difficult time for the parties involved—the parents, other interested family members, and, of course, the child. Here in Virginia, the courts favor regular and frequent contact between the child and each of the parents. More and more, judges are granting shared physical custody and joint legal custody (which means both parents must be involved in important decisions regarding the child, including education, religion, health, etc.).

At Tatiana Mendez, Esq, we work hard to reach custody and visitation arrangements that both parents will find relatively easy to maintain. We believe in the importance of fostering that bond between parent and child and bringing stability into the child’s routine after a custody hearing. Through our extensive negotiation experience, we will champion your rights as a parent, and through our compassionate and capable service, we will attempt to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Your Guide to Understanding Child Support Calculations

The Commonwealth believes that both parents should contribute financially toward their child’s upbringing and uses a standardized formula to calculate child support payments. The physical custody arrangement between you and the other party can affect the amount you should expect to pay or receive as part of the support order, as does your overall income. Other factors that will be taken into consideration include the expense of child care services and the cost of their monthly health care.

If you would like to estimate your support amount or have questions about seeking or enforcing child support payments, our Child Support Lawyer Tatiana Mendez can help.

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When it comes to figuring out where your child will spend their time and who will be involved in making important decisions on their behalf, the stakes are too high to trust your case to just any Child Custody Attorney you find on the internet. It is so imperative to find a child custody attorney that you can trust to handle your case professionally, effectively, and discreetly.

At Tatiana Mendez, Esq, Tatiana Mendez and our legal team are experienced in handling very delicate and personal matters and achieving successful results for our clients through diligent service. Attorney Tatiana Mendez has extensive experience advocating for her clients in contested cases, and through her work as a Guardian ad litem, she’s gained inside knowledge of what the courts prioritize when considering the best interests of the child.

If you’re looking for unparalleled legal representation, expert negotiation skills, and empathetic guidance as you navigate an emotional time in your life, Tatiana Mendez, Esq is here to serve you. We’re fully committed to doing whatever it takes to secure you the results you desire in your child custody and child support case.

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